Dear Loyal Customer I AM RETIRING AND CLOSING DOWN STAG OF LONDON  I am happy to tell you that SHAUN'S OF MARYLEBONE, has taken over the Supply of my clients from the 1st of March 2017.  Shaun has been supplying hairpieces for over 30 years. I have seen his work and am sure you will be in capable hands  Shaun and I buy from the same Supplier so he can obtain exactly the same item as have supplied to you in the past at the same price, he will have a record of all items previously purchased by you.  Orders should be sent to: Shaun's Of Marylebone,  53 Paddington Street,  London W1U 4HT,   E-mail: Telephone 020-7487-5729.   This is conveniently situated 5 minutes from Baker Street underground station.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal Custom.  Yours Sincerely,  Allen Radnan  DIRECTOR STAG OF LONDON
Shaun’s of Marylebone 53 Paddington Street London W1U 4HT Telephone/fax: 020 7487 572 email: Click here Website:
Wigs and hairpieces Exclusively for men by Shaun’s of Marylebone Shaun’s of Marylebone premier range Please note all wigs and hairpieces are sent by recorded delivery on 14 days refund approval and can be styled by post or by experts who have over 30 years experience.
The SOM Microfine supreme Item 9A – Truhair Item 9B – 100% human hair This truly world beating swim proof hairpiece features a microfilm, porous, totally ventilated durable foundation which moulds to your exact head shape and is virtually as thin as your own skin, making it the coolest, lightest headpiece ever made and giving a completely undetectable effect when placed on the scalp. You can’t see it, you can’t feel it Price: On application The SOM No-Base Ultima Item 10A - Non fade Truhair Item 10B - Human Hair Imagine a second skin, from which hairs seem to grow perfectly naturally. Hair is implanted single-strand by strand into a gossamer thin miracle film, with no under knotting, using a secret technique to give a truly incredible, totally natural looking rooted hair affect. Though not as hard wearing as other models even your own barber won’t know you are wearing a hairpiece Price: On application The Feather Vent Lace front hairpiece New discount prices available on application 50% human hair 50% non-fake true hair New from California! At last we found the ultimate solution to hair loss. Everything you could wish for in hair addition. The feather vent lace front hairpiece is the only hair addition which can be brushed straight back from the front to show a perfectly natural front hairline. Price: On application The super SOM Air Base Item 7 Or custom made Guaranteed non-fade Truhair hair Summer cool, 100% ventilated. This guaranteed non-fade hairpiece is probably the hardest wearing, low-cost hairpiece available in the UK. It features a skin implanted parting with a fine net base which moulds to your head shape. Now with double secured tape sections. Styles can be combed forward or back or with left-hand parting. Price: On application
Enter required measurements when ordering your hairpiece or wig Enter from A to Back A as Length Enter Side B to Side B a Width To order please forward a hair sample for colour matching and state if you require straight slight way or medium wave hair, with a check or postal order or your credit card details to Shaun’s of Marylebone.
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